About our Research

Do we produce Feminized Seeds?

The specimens we evaluate are produced using traditional breeding
methods involving a selected male pollenating a selected female. We do not produce "feminized" or FEM creations of any kind.

The average gender probability is around 50% Female and 50% Male when germinated and kept at temperatures of 72-76F.
Some breeders claim temperatures above 75F produce mostly male specimens, but we do not have evidence to prove this.

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Siblings and Phenotype Selection

No two offspring are created exactly the same. Phenotype variation depends on probability!

  • A phenotype is the collaboration or set of genetics that make up an organism.
  • Phenotypes can resemble the mother, the father, or different mixes of both sides.
  • Some phenotypes can be made of expressed genetics present in the grandparents, but not visible in the parent generation.
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Potency Between Phenotypes

With phenotype variation comes potency variation. Although most phenotypes will exhbit high potency qualities, there is always the chance that one may have above average potency, or below average potency. Some of the highest rated award winning specimens out there are just select phenotypes with above average qualites, selected from a group of siblings.

  • There is always a chance of a low potency phenotype, even with the best genetics.
  • High Potency Bloodlines and Select Breeding increase the probability of potent specimens.
  • *Exceptional phenotypes are the result of genetic probability and are very valuable.
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Family Tree Lineage Charts & Genetic History

Our genetic research involves identifying exceptional specimens that stand out from the rest.
The Father Plants we study are selected from strategic groups of siblings, and proven through their offspring. Our P1 lineage comes from World Class Bloodlines, which exhibit exceptional
charastics for Flavor, Potency, Effect, Vigor, and Stress Tolerance. Unlike many research groups, we do not select our specimens by potency alone. Our grading scale seeks out alpha bloodlines that establish themselves with ease, yet still produce exceptional desired traits.


We keep very detailed records of our research including lineage, origin. You can find that information here in our Family Tree section.

  • DJ Short's Blueberry, The Father Chromosome... (coming soon)